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    Empower your intellectual with word of the wise.

    Have you ever wished that you could use more powerful phrases, intelligent and full of wit?

    We would all love to master in the art of conversation. Unfortunately, most of the time, words come out of our mouth and sound less imposing than they did in our thoughts. That’s the reason why politicians never speak without having memorized from before what they’ll say. Not to mention the fact that they actually pay other people to write for them their speeches.

    “ A quote for every day. Very useful! I like it!” –C. Bailey

    A word for the wise with wise words.

    • A variety of quotations are included regarding all the important things in life.

    • Quote each day and lead the way.

    Be wise with a shake of the hand.

    • Choose the motivational quote you need for every occasion.

    • Keep shaking and read them all, or keep to one shake a day.

    It’s not wrong to have prepared in your mind, on a paper, or in our technologically advanced world in a cell phone, the things you want to say, as long as they are true and represent your thoughts. It’s certainly not wrong, to get some help in expressing these thoughts if you believe that it’s not so easy for you. This app is created for this reason. Inside, you will discover the best quotes anyone could collect. They are selected based on their inspiring meaning, their positive feelings and their motivational nature.

    The humorous quotes can be used in the company of loved ones, to make them smile, laugh and think a little. They will appreciate your intellectually stimulated mind and your funny view of the world.
    There are motivational quotes, inspiring quotes about team-work, which you can easily use to inculcate a breath of confidence and cooperation to the people working with you or under you. Positive attitude always creates positive feelings and increases the will to work efficiently.

    This app contains quotes about love, about marriage, happiness quotes, life quotes that could act as a valuable guide in your personal life. Most of them are advice which if choose to follow, they could lead you to a happier, more fulfilling existence. They are quotes of life that we all know, but somewhere in the way, have kind of forgotten. They will remind you of the importance of self-respect, the benefits of thinking, the value of simplicity.

    They can be used as quotes of every day, but also as quotes of a special day. Birthday quotes, mother quotes, friendship quotes, they could all be transferred into a greeting card, an sms message, even a letter. They could assist you in expressing your love and gratitude to the people that mean the most to you.

    The quotes in this app could easily be just your thoughts. They are simple, true, sincere. They have an international appeal and they are forceful, no matter how much time will pass. Coming straight from the heart, they cause an impact to everything they touch, everyone who hears them.

    We are living in a society that tends to talk less by the minute. The text messages are being shortened into shortcut-words made of alphabet letters which shouldn’t make sense. Reading books of great classical authors, is a habit way out-fashioned. Conversation between people has become a luxury, squashed among the intermissions of television programs. And even then, it is poor and limited to the bare necessities.

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