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    Shri Raghavendra Swamy (1595-1671 AD) was a famous saint in southern India.

    He was a philosopher, author and ardent proponent of Sri Madhvacharya’s dvaita (dualism) philosophy. He has written numerous philosophical books in Sanskrit and at least one song in Kannada. He was also an expert Veena (a string instrument) player. He is known for his many miracles during and after his lifetime. Some of his miracles and interactions with contemporary kings and British governors have been recorded in some of the government gazettes.

    He is one of the only two dvaita saints who entered specially built enclosed stone structures (called Vrundavana) in deep yogic meditation while still alive (the other being Shri Vadiraja Swamy). As Sri Raghavendra Swamy entered the Vrundavana, one of his devotees - Appanna Acharya composed a poem in praise of the saint.

    This poem in Sanskrit is known as Sri Raghavendra Stotra (prayer) and is recited everyday by his devotees and followers in many parts of the world.

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