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    "RajYoga Meditation" is Dedicated to Prajapita Brahma Kumaries Ishwariya Vishva Vidyalay.

    Prajapita BrahmaKumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya (also called Brahma Kumaris in short) is a unique Vishwa Vidyalaya (university) and a well known spiritual value based educational institutional institution which has gained global acceptance and unique international recognition.

    "RajYoga Meditation" Meditation - Basic Course and Rajyoga Meditation gives android User to know and learn:

    Understanding the Self

    Who am I? What am I?
    What is my real identity?
    How do my thoughts and feelings interact with the body?
    How to make my mind powerful? Breaking the mysteries of mind

    God and Understanding God

    In this world, there exist so many beliefs about God. As a result, people understand God in their own way and often in their own imagination. But what is required is the understanding God as He is, what He is and how He is.

    The RajYoga Meditation

    The word Yoga means 'connection'. The mental connection between the soul and Supreme Soul or the remembrance of the Supreme Soul by the soul is called meditation or Raj Yoga. Stability in the Soul-consciousness and God-consciousness will bring peace and bliss to the soul.

    The Benefits of Meditation

    The benefits of meditation are enormous. It calms our mind and body. In these fast and frenetic times, it has the most important ability to replenish mental and emotional energy.

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