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    “Read for the Blind” application is the world first innovation for everyone to create audio books for

    the blind, by reading books or short articles from magazines, newspapers or any interesting websites.

    It is more simple and convenient, without any transport to record voices as in the past.

    This application supports multiple readers to read in each chapter from the same book. One may read

    only one chapter. Several chapters will be compiled into one book. Completed audio books or articles

    will be converted and transferred to “General Knowledge Hotline” 1414 which is a free service for the

    blind to listen to audio books on the phone.

    At present, creating the audio books is still limited in production and need to transport for voice

    recording at the physical studio. Therefore there was a shortage of audio books resources for all the

    blind population in Thailand.

    Thus creating audio books for the blind through an application “Read for the Blind” is very important

    because it is a creation, huge source of information that enhances knowledge level and the abilities

    of the blind to develop their skills, increase opportunities for their own careers selections and living


    “Read for the Blind” application is a property of Thai Blind People's Foundation, established in 1998.

    It is a non-profit organization with the key objective to support blind people to be able to survive in

    the society.

    This project has been supported by “Thai Samsung Electronics, Co., Ltd.” and “Advanced Info Service PCL” (AIS)

    and “Siam Commercial Bank PLC” (SCB) and “Google Thailand Co.,Ltd.”

    Let’s “Give them Light by your Voices”

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