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    *** Veteran Real Estate Investor Shares his Insider Secrets! ***

    Dear Investor,

    Listen, let's just cut to the chase here. You're reading this because you like the idea of learning how to create a fortune in real estate and quit your job forever!

    There's no reason to beat around the bush and there's no reason to feed you a stale meal of the same old hype you read at every click of your mouse.

    Let's face it. All the so-called "new" ideas have already been done, haven't they? Or have they?

    Have you ever wondered about investing in real estate? Maybe one sleepless night you tuned in to one of those infomercials that promises you the moon.

    You know the ones we're talking about. They always show "Joe Slick" and his blonde wife and 1.5 kids basking by their Olympic sized swimming pool behind a mansion that makes the Taj Majal look like a chicken coop!

    They tell you that you, too, can live the life of luxury in just 30 days by purchasing their sure-fire course for a measly $5K. Ouch! They wanna send you a gazillion video tapes, pounds of paper and a whole slew of audio tapes too!

    Sound familiar?

    If it does, then you should really appreciate what's available to you here. Real Estate Investment for Beginners is just what you need to get the straight scoop on what you need to do. And you'll get the info in one very compact, informative ebook. It won't cost you $5K either.

    The truth is you can make money investing in real estate and you can learn to do it without all the high rolling bucks and hype.

    Real Estate Investment for Beginners is written by Sal Vannutini, a veteran real estate investor. In one compact little book, he has written some powerful pearls of wisdom that pack a punch the likes of which doesn't even begin to get covered in all that other mess of tapes and paperwork.

    Sal is going to give it to you straight! He's going to share
    his insider secrets with you - more than 80 of them!

    Here's just a few:

    * How to use private investors' money
    * How to start off with positive cash flow
    * How to make the right partnerships
    * How to become an expert
    * How to have realistic expectations
    * How to establish lender relationships
    * How to develop a business plan
    * How to understand property values
    * How to understand the anatomy of a real estate deal
    * how to check the legal status of property
    * How to use a mix of funds
    * How to structure more than one purchase offer
    * How to buy below market value
    * How to develop a time frame and stick to it
    * How to correctly estimate renovation time
    * How to stick to your budget

    And that just a few! Remember you've got more than 80 of Sal's closely guarded investor secrets!

    Go ahead, it's okay. Satisfy your urge to find out what life as a real estate investor is all about. You know you've wondered about it ever since you watched your first infomercial. Now you can get all the answers for just pennies. We think you'll be glad you did!

    Happy Investing

    We truly hope you see the potential here, and realize how important this offer is!
    Please enojoy the preview and upgrade to full version with commercial free.

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