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    Shiv Chalisa
    Lord Shiva is also known as Neelkantha, Mahesha or Mahadeva. He is the third member of Hindu Trinity and is known as the destroyer of the world, the other two being Vishnu the preserver and Brahma the creator of the world.

    He is the supreme god of the yogis. The river Ganga falls upon his head. The Trident(trishula) and Damru is the symbol of his power. There is a crescent of fifth day moon on his head. The sacred bull Nandi is very close to Lord Shiva. The most important physical characteristics of Lord Shiva is his Third VERTICAL EYE. Shiva is supreme force. He is its master. Shiva is above the power of death. Shiva drinks the deadly poison to free the world from its effects. Shiva also possesses the power of sacrifice, procreation along with that of destruction. Shiva is worshiped in the form of 'Linga' also called as 'Shiv Linga' in many Hindu temples known as Shiv Mandirs.

    This application contains following Shiva Mantras:

    1. Shiva Chalisa,
    2. Shiv Aarti,
    3. Shiv Stuti,
    4. Shiva Brahmakrat Stotram,
    5. Lingashtakam,
    6. Shiv Mahimna Stotram,
    7. Natraj Stuti,
    8. Panchakshar Stotra,
    9. Shiv Pashupatyaashtakam,
    10. Shree Shiv Sahastra Namavali also known as Sahasranamavali,
    11. Shivashtakam,
    12. Shiv Manas Puja,
    13. Shiva Tandav Stotram,
    14. Vedsar Shivastavah
    15. Brahmakrat Stotram,
    16. lingashtkam,
    17. Shiva mahimna stotram,
    18. Natraj Stuti,
    19. Panchakshar Stortra,
    20. Pashupatya Ashtkam,
    21. Shree shiva sahastra namavali,
    22. Shivaashtkam,
    23. Shiva manas puja,
    24. Shiva tandav stotram,
    25. vedsar shivastva

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