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    *** The Ultimate Skateboard HOW TO GUIDE! ***

    Dear Reader,

    Skateboarding is one of those modern day sports that have now jumped almost two generations!

    Okay, so you don't see very many silver heads packing the skate parks or annoying pedestrians by weaving in and out of traffic. But there are plenty of grandparents and parents who recognize the terms Quicksilver and half-pipe!

    The one thing you will notice, however, is that the prices enjoyed by skaters 30 and 40 years ago truly are a thing of the past! And you thought stuff was expensive in the seventies!

    Maybe you remember the day when you just bought a new board if yours was damaged. Not anymore. That's exactly why the time has come for an overall guide to setting up your board and repairing it.

    How to Set Up & Repair a Complete Skateboard does exactly what it says and saves the skateboard owner (or his or her parents) money.

    There are four distinct reasons why How to Set Up & Repair a Complete Skateboard should become part of your family library:

    1. Number One and most obvious is saving hundreds of dollars in setup and repair fees.
    2. Eliminate down time by making speedy, on site repairs.
    3. Fixing a problem immediately saves wear and tear on the equipment.
    4. Keeps your equipment safe.

    Having even a little bit of knowledge can save you tons of money. Take a look at what you will learn and remember every little task you learn results in savings at the cash register. . .ka-ching!

    * tools needed for repairs.
    * griptape installation.
    * griptape removal
    * hardware installation
    * hardware sizes
    * Riser pad installation
    * riser pad sizes
    * truck installation and adjustments
    * wheel installation
    * wheels sizes
    * wheel hardness
    * wheel bite
    * the best wheels for skateboarding
    * bearing installation
    * bearing removal
    * bearing lubrication
    * bearing cleaning
    * bearing rating system
    * breaking bearings in
    * kingpin bushing installation
    * kingpin bushing removal
    * pivot bushing installation
    * kingpin bushing removal
    * kingpin removal
    * kingpin installation
    * deck concaves
    * maple vs. composites
    * when to use riser pads
    * how to repair chips and cracks
    * how do trucks work
    * skateboard varnish
    * why do decks delaminate
    * how do graphics affect a deck's performance
    * how does moister affect deck strength
    * what makes a deck have pop
    * how is a skateboard made
    * what are stress cracks

    ... and more !!!

    As you can see, this is not a wimpy little presentation. How to Set Up & Repair a Complete Skateboard is complete with illustrations to show you step-by-step how to set up and maintain you skateboard.

    Notice we said SHOW YOU, not TELL YOU! So many digital e-books give you great content, but unless you are a visionary, a picture really IS worth a thousand words.

    Spring is here and the outdoors is tugging at you. Maybe your kids have already started dropping hints about new skateboards or upgrades.

    Before you spend a dime on new boards, parts of equipment grab your copy of How to Set Up & Repair a Complete Skateboard and be ready for the weekend. Maybe you'd even like to try on you own again. What do they say about riding a bike?

    You never forget! Have fun!

    We truly hope you see the potential here, and realize how important this offer is!
    Please enojoy the preview and upgrade to full version with commercial free.

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