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    “There is nothing like soup. It is by nature eccentric: no two are ever alike, unless of course you get your soup in a can.”

    This Chinese pork ribs soup with vegetables potatoes, carrots, onions, celery is commonly known as “ABC soup” or “luo song tang” ??? here. I am puzzled as to why it is called ABC soup since there are no pasta letters in it, and the main ingredients typically potatoes and carrots do not all start with the letters A, B and C. Check out the compilation of comments below which explain the origins of the soup name. I know the combination of ingredients is right when 10 minutes into simmering, the entire kitchen is filled with a wonderful soup aroma.


    **What is soup?

    **How to make soup?

    **What is soup diet?

    **How to make soup soup maker?

    *What are soup recipes?

    **Quick Tip: Stir Some Greens into Your Soup

    We've told you several times about our favorite pasta template with meat and greens. It's so easy to stir in some arugula or spinach and watch it wilt and soften from the heat of the pasta.
    Well, last night we cooked a chicken chowder that we've made dozens of times. It doesn't call for greens, but we had some spinach, so we stirred it in at the end. It made the soup so, so much better—brighter and healthier.
    Get some more tips, below...

    With pasta, it's important to use a delicate green that cooks quickly, like spinach, arugula, or escarole. With hot, boiling soup, you can use something heartier. Kale, mustard greens, even collards would work.

    **Add V8 to soup

    Do you drink V8? We like it in savory smoothies, the occasional bloody mary, and lately, soup! Thanks to a tip in a recent issue of Cook's Illustrated, we've started substituting a cup or two of this all-vegetable juice to the broth in our soups, stews, and braises this winter.
    Unsatisfied with the weak tomato flavor they were getting from supermarket tomatoes this time of year, the cooks of Cook's Illustrated thought to add a dose of V8 to their recipe for Hearty Minestrone. When we made the recipe for ourselves, we thought the soup was absolutely fantastic and we were truly impressed by the bright tomato-y flavor and all around depth from the V8.

    **Add whole stems of Thyme to soup

    Thyme is our least favorite of all the herbs. Oh, we love it’s taste! But stripping all those teeny little leaves off the stems can get extremely tedious. Complaining to a chef friend recently, he gave us a tip: just add the stems, tiny leaves and all, straight into the dish.
    The leaves gradually loosen during cooking and come off on their own, he explained. The leaves are generally so small that it doesn't matter that you didn't mince them beforehand. When cooking is done, just pull out the now-stripped stems of thyme along with the bay leaf and anything else you’re not actually serving.

    ** Flavor Soups with Cheese Rinds

    We go through a healthy amount of Parmesan and Pecorino cheese in our house, and we used to just throw the rind away. This was until we discovered this trick used by chefs and Italian grandmothers for centuries!
    When your soup or sauce is ready to simmer, throw in an old cheese rind. The rind will soften and the flavors of the cheese will infuse throughout the dish. If the rind hasn't completely dissolved by the time you're ready to serve, you can either remove the remaining rind altogether or use your spoon to break it into small, chewy pieces.

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