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    When it comes to sous vide cooking, the most difficult thing to figure out is the time and temperature range to use for various foods. We have compiled a list of times and temperatures you can use as a reference guide for your cooking. We even give you a place to save your own notes as you try them out.

    We offer over 400 sous vide time and temperature combinations across 175 cuts of meat and types of fish and vegetables. Conveniently broken up into 10 main categories for ease of use:
    - Beef Roasts and Tough Cuts
    - Beef Steaks and Tender Cuts
    - Pork
    - Chicken
    - Duck
    - Fish
    - Shellfish
    - Lamb
    - Turkey
    - Fruits and Vegetables

    Each of these main categories has a lengthy description of how sous vide relates to that type of food and discusses both the time and temperature guidelines and the general process for cooking it. We then list the cuts of meat or types of food in that category and provide a short description of each item and one or more recommended time and temperature combinations.

    Also included is a brief introduction to sous vide, a discussion of sous vide safety, links to more sous vide resources, and an overview of how to substitute sous vide food into your favorite traditional recipes.

    While there are no recipes in this app, the best part about sous vide is how interchangeable it is with existing recipes. You can take many traditional recipes and follow them to the letter with the only exception being to replace the cooking of the meat with sous vide instead of baking, braising, pan-frying, sauteing, etc.

    Take your favorite chili recipe and use turkey, beef, or chicken that was cooked sous vide. Make fajitas and instead of grilling the meat try cooking it sous vide. Sausage for pasta, roasted rack of lamb, steak for salad, fried chicken, and corned beef can all be cooked sous vide while keeping the same marinades, sauces, and sides as the traditional recipes call for.

    We hope you'll use this guide as a starting point to explore sous vide cooking more on your own!

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