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    Published: 2014-03-19, by Manu Galvez.

    Improve your reading speed with Spritz mode

    • Innovative
    • Exercises to practice Spritz-like reading mode
    • Compatible with most-used news readers
    • Integration with readers should be enhanced

    "Lightspeed reading"

    Novellectual's Speed Reading allows you to read from your favorite news readers using Spritz-like mode. Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (the technique used by Spritz) combines words alignment, placement and punctuation timing to boost your reading speed.

    Speed Reading is like having two apps in one. First, it allows you to practice this disrupting reading mode with some preset passages, bookmarks and custom files. In addition, it features exercises to improve your perception speed and attention. Finally it gamifies it all: you can unlock achievements based on your performance in those exercises.

    Second, you can read any article or document from your favorite news readers (Pocket, Zite, Flipboard, Feedly...) using the Spritz mode. Just press share the article and select Speed Reading. Words will start to swirl from the popup at your desired pace. Unfortunately, to read properly some articles with pics you should select first all the text and then "share" the app with Speed Reading. Otherwise it'll get stuck on the title (that happened to me with Feedly).

    Regardless, Novellectual's Speed Reading is an innovative and well-implemented app. A must-try for ravenous readers.

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    Emmanuel Appszoom logo

    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Mar 19, 2014


    Read faster with the best ebook speed reader app on Android!

    Speed Reader app now features a RSVP reading mode It allows you to read books super fast at speeds up to 1250 wpm and complete big chunks of reading material in no time.

    Now you can also read text from other apps in RSVP for free. Just tap the 'Share' button on your favorite reader and select 'Speed Read' to start reading your text immediately. This works in almost all reader apps including:

    * Pocket
    * Zite
    * Feedly
    * Google Keep
    * ColorNote

    and many others!

    The app also features many speed reading drills that improve your scroll reading speed, reading focus and overall comprehension.

    Free features

    * Read content from other apps in RSVP mode, up to 750 wpm
    * Read free passages within the app in both modes, up to 750 wpm plus bookmarks
    * 4 speed reading practice games
    * Multiple themes in RSVP mode
    * Text navigation bars

    Premium features:

    * Read up to 1250 wpm in RSVP mode
    * Upload your own txt or epub (non-drm protected) files and read in both RSVP and scroll modes
    * 5 extra speed reading practice games

    Use this app to develop your speed reading technique through scroll reading and a number of highly effective game-like drills. The scroll reader has several built-in passages for your reading pleasure and supports different font settings plus the ability to load your own text file (premium). In the Practice section, the app will walk you through several exercises (including the popular Schulte Table) providing tips & tricks and allowing you to evaluate your performance at each stage.

    Speed Reader has a clean UI and has been designed from the grounds up to make your speed reading practice an absolute entertainment. More drills and reading material will be added in newer versions of the app.

    We would love to hear your thoughts on Speed Reader and implement any suggestions that can improve your training and speed reading experience.

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