Spiderama brings spider information to your mobile, online or offline!

    Browse through the various spider data sheets, or search for one directly. Learn about their appearance, habitat and toxicity, understand how dangerous they might -or mightn't- be, and know what to do and expect if you ever get bitten by one.

    Organized in a friendly and intuitive app, Spiderama serves as a quick reference guide to spiders, when browsing or searching the web for data would take too long.

    The current app has detailed information on the following spiders:
    - Black House Spider
    - Brazilian Wandering Spider
    - Brown Recluse
    - Chinese Bird Spider
    - Huntsman Spider
    - Mouse Spider
    - Redback
    - Southern Black Widow
    - St. Andrew's Cross Spider
    - Sydney Funnel-Web
    - Wolf Spider
    - Yellow Sac Spider

    Newly added:
    - Hobo Spider
    - Red Knee Tarantula
    - White-tail Spider
    - Sydney Trapdoor Spider
    - Spiny Orb-Weaver Spider

    More spiders will be added over time.

    Most information found on the App comes directly from Wikipedia,

    If you wish to see a specific spider added to the App, do not hesitate to email us at, and remember, spiders are not our enemies. They care of mosquitoes and flies, and are, in most cases, harmless and non-aggressive.

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