SQL: Do This in SAS?

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    This app, "SQL: How Do You Do This In SAS?", is one of a series of eBooks about SAS software programming focusing on frequently asked questions and answers about SQL, illustrated by code samples which can be sent by email directly from the app. It is designed to encourage users to contribute questions some of which will be included in future versions of the app. There are controls to select specific questions, move to the previous or next question, decrease or increase the font to suit the user's preference, and send emails requesting answers to questions not yet included in that version of the eBook.

    The questions, with answers, included are:
    1. Introduction
    2. About the Author: Philip R Holland
    3. Updating data with related records
    4. Merging data using ranges
    5. Finding duplicate observations
    6. Selecting variables beginning with 'S'
    7. Using look-up tables with PROC SQL

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