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    This application helps to under stand the meaning of Sri lalitha sahasranamam
    This particular application contains the meaning of the following words.
    1) Sree Matha: The Divine Mother. From Whom are born these things. The mother of the Universe
    2) Sree Maharajni: The Great Queen. By whom the created beings live
    3) SreemathSimhasaneshwari-The Queen Seated on the Lion throne. Lion is both the vehicle and throne of the divine mother
    4) Chidagni Kunda Sambootha - Born of the fire of consciousness in the sacrificial altar
    5) Deva karya Samudyatha - Born for the divine purpose. For the protection of the good, for the destruction of the wicked and for the establishment of dharma, Devi comes into being in every age
    6)Udyadbanu Sahasrabha - One who shines with the red brilliance of a thousand rising suns. The Divine mother has three forms: Gross, Subtle and Unmanifested supreme form. The gross form has hands, feet etc. The subtle is SYLLABLIC. And th
    e supreme form is Unmanifest.
    7) Chaturbahusamanvitha - Endowed with fours arms
    8) Ragha Swaroopa pasadya - She who has love for all in the form of rope. Devi holds this in Her lower left hand
    9) Krodhakarankusojwala - She who glitters and has anger in the form of Anghusa –in one of her right hands. This symbolises her wish to spur Her devotees towards right conduct
    10) Mano Rupeshu Kodanda - Having the sugarcane Bow of mind. She is holding the bow made of sugarcane in her upper left hand. The sugarcane bow symbolises SANKALPA (desire) of the mind which creates the phenomenal universe
    11)Pancha than mathra sayaka -Having the five subtle senses as her arrows. The five subtle senses (sound, touch,from,taste and smell) represented by the elements space, air,fire,water and earth are Her arrows. She holds them in Her upper right hand
    12)Nijaruna prabha poora majjath brahmanda mandala - Engulfing the entire universe with Her crimson effluence. Devis brillance or effluence engulfs the whole universe. This indicates that the entire creation is only her radiance
    13)Champakasoka – punnaga-sowgandhika- lasath kacha: One having a lock of hair that is adorned with Chambaka, Askos, Punnaga and Sowgandhi flowers
    14)Kuru vinda mani–sreni-kanath kotira manditha-Her Crown is resplendent with the rows of Kuruvinda gems. Kuruvindha gem is a kind of Padmaraga stone. Her crown shines with the rows of these gems. Divine Mother's crown is adorned by Kuruvinda stones and other precious gems
    15) Ashtami chandra vibhraja–dhalika sthala shobhitha - Devi's forhead is beautifully shaped and curved like the half moon
    16) Muka chandra kalankabha mriganabhi viseshaka - In the forehead which is like the crescent moon, the black Kasturi mark shines in contrast and appears like the black spot in the moon
    17)Vadana smara mangalya griha thorana chillaka - Devi's eyebrows are so well shaped and beautiful as the arches that one may erect with great skill in the front entrances of palaces on festive occasions
    18)Vakthra lakshmi –parivaha-chalan meenabha lochana - With eyes that are like fishes swimming in the lake of Her beautiful face. Mother nourishes and protects Her devotees by Her mere glance which has the power to bestow all auspiciousness. Hence she is also called Meenakshi
    19) Nava champaka –pushpabha-nasa dhanda virajitha - One who shines with nose which is beautiful like the newly blossomed Champaka flower",
    20)Thara kanthi thiraskari nasabharana bhasura -She shines with the nose rings which excel the splendour of stars
    21)Kadambha manjari kluptha karna poora manohara - She is beautiful being decked with a cluster of Kadamba flowers above the ears

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