Story Time

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    Start from the beginning. These are the first four books starring The Rat Pack of Hollywood. Owning this app is like getting your very own back stage pass as you travel along with a pack of celebrity rats as they embark on a music career. There are four complete (books) stories within the app, each book has 32 beautifully illustrated pages featuring the newest Hollywood rat celebrities. Jump on the bus and join Bernie, Sunny, Jensen, Briana, Ana, Lil Jojo, Marjie, Max and the lovable Randoon as they give you a behind-the-velvet-ropes tour of their jet-set lifestyle.

    Created by former Hollywood talent agent, Michael Houbrick, The Rat Pack of Hollywood is designed to create celebrity role models that won't ever disappoint their young fans. The stories are geared for both boys and girls ages 3 - 11. The brand which includes music, merchandising and television is geared for ages 3 - 11 and 12+. Basically, everybody loves The Rat Pack of Hollywood!.

    This app includes these following stories:

    The Rat Pack of Hollywood: Making the Band
    The pack of celebrity rats come together to form the most popular band in the Universe.

    The Rat Pack of Hollywood First Concert in Space
    The celebrity rats are booked for a concert that is truly out of this world.

    The Rat Pack of Hollywood Saves the Circus
    While on tour in Florida the rats discover a circus tent that had fallen down. They lend a paw to help ensure the show goes on.

    The Rat Pack of Hollywood Visits the State Fair
    The celebrity rodents become the star attraction at the State Fair. Randoon dreams he is the star attraction.