Streamline Communication

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    *** Streamline Your Communication ***

    Dear Reader,

    Are you saying what you mean? Are you meaning what you say? Do you find it impossible to engage in social conversation? Are your attempts at written communication lackluster, to say the least?

    Unless you are one of the gifted few who are blessed with charismatic communication skills, you probably fall within the "normal" category.

    We begin to develop our ability to communicate as soon as we leave the womb! In the beginning those cries and non-verbal communication let people know what you do and don’t like about a given situation. That approach works for awhile.

    As you age and your communication skills develop, the chances are that you will fall into the largest group of humans on this planet – "nice people with less than perfect communication skills." For whatever reasons, your communication style is the result of how your communication skills were developed.

    If you feel that you are lacking in the ability to effectively communicate using your verbal skills or that you even need a little boost in your written communication skills, you are in the right place!

    "Streamline Your Communication!" is just what you need to sharpen your skills and get rid of some bad habits. Just take a look at some of what the author presents:

    * How to ask the right questions.
    * Discover if you are you an "um-mer" and how to stop.
    * Learn the right way to ask questions.
    * Keep the negative comments out of your conversations.
    * Are you a good confidante?
    * How many times do you use "I"?
    * How to empathize with your listener.
    * Discover how to transition to a different topic.
    * Why you should avoid "joke telling."
    * Never interrupt.
    * Learn the right way to write letters.
    * Why you should have a "swipe" file.
    * Answering your mail effectively.
    * Making your phone calls "matter".
    * Communicating and your business.
    * The power of persuasive writing.
    * The all important sales letter.
    * How to effectively answer your email.
    * And much more!

    Everything you could possibly need to improve your communication skills can be found in "Streamline Your Communication!"

    There is no longer any excuse holding you back from communicating effectively whether in your personal or your professional life.

    Grab your copy today and discover just how simple it is to "Streamline Your Communication"!

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