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    ★★ 2012 Mom’s Choice Gold Award, 2012 Indie Excellence Finalist Award, 2012 Royal Dragonfly Award – 2 Awards for Best Illustrations, 2012 Purple Dragonfly Award – 2 Awards for Best Illustrations ★★

    Does the Sun ride roller coasters? Teach fireflies to shine? Take bubble baths when eating pizza? Discover these answers and more in Sunbelievable, a humorous, educational/science children’s picture book about the Sun for ages 1-8.

    To help her younger sister Leen fall asleep at bedtime, YaYa tells her about the Sun’s amazing exploits. Skeptical Leen challenges YaYa’s tales and invents her own hilarious twists and surprises. Together, they create not only a wildly funny story, but also discover the power of shared imagination.

    The beautiful illustration style, using digital photo collage, features real children whose dialogue unfolds in brilliant, magical landscapes. An educational piece with facts about the real Sun is contributed by NASA’s Chief Technologist.

    Sunbelievable is uniquely geared toward young readers, helping them connect storytelling with science and nature. If the Sun can ride roller coasters, anything is possible!

    Sunbelievable is a Blackfish Children's Book.

    ★ 3 Customizable Story Types for Varying Reading Levels
    ★ Educational Content featuring information From NASA’s former Chief Technologist
    ★ There are interactive objects on every page that kids love to touch and watch what they do. Try and find all of the objects throughout the story. At the end, the book tells you what you still need to find.
    ★ Easy to use navigation, customization, and page turning effects
    ★ Narration with word highlighting. Record your own narration as well.
    ★ Music throughout the book.

    Incredible book. Sunbelievable has it all: beautiful and original illustrations, a funny and charming story, great characters, and an appeal to all audiences, but especially to children.I’ve read many children’s stories, and this one is definitely one of my favorites ever. It is truly a unique and innovative children’s story. I highly recommend it to all parents and children. ~ Karl Rossman

    As a teacher and as a mom I am impressed with the uniqueness of this imaginative and whimsical story. Beyond the story itself, Sunbelievable is a feast for the eye with its magnificent illustrations. What an original way to enhance the text! This book takes story-telling and images to new heights. ~ TTulin

    My nephew and nieces love this book! they are completely enthralled every time it is read to them!!! Exquisite, vibrant, breathtaking images with a journey of a story, it looks like the Kairys have created a completely new experience in kids storytelling! ~ Alanb90

    This book was given to my daughter for her birthday, and by the end of the day it was “her favorite book ever”! She particularly loves the colorful, interesting illustrations. Sunbelievable truly is “a work of art!!” ~ S. Asch

    Beautifully written and illustrated. A must have for every child’s library. ~ Saulnique