Teach Us To Pray

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    Affirmation is the core of prayer practice as taught by Jesus. In this understanding of prayer, Jesus raised us from being mere beggers, asking for things of the physical world from a God "out there." Instead, he united us with our Source--our Father--reminding us that we are sons and daughers of the very essence of all that is, that we have direct and constant acces to all we will ever need.

    In this book, Charles and Cora Fillmore break down the practice of prayer for us, expose its components, and show us how to tap into a level of consciousness that will ultimately go beyond beseeching, even beyond affirming, to being in the Christ consciousness.

    In learning how to pray, we learn the importance of communicating with God through practicing affirmations and by entering the silence. Through these and other techniques, including six-day prayer treatments, we arrive at ultimate communion with our Source.

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