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    Introducing.. "Teenager's Dating Guide"

    This is written for young people and the adults who care about them, as a guide to dating and the relationships between sexes.

    When thousands of questions from youth were collected and analyzed as background for Facts of Life and Love for Teen-Agers, two of the most frequently asked questions were: (1) How do you get a date? and (2) What do you do with a date when you get one?

    The Teener’s Guide To Dating attempts to answer them both.

    This belongs to young people. It has come from them. It is directed to them. Our task as reporter and interpreter is done if the book serves not as a set of answers, but as a stimulus to further questioning; not as a directive, but as a guide. That is the spirit in which it was written.

    Here's what you can learn inside this guide:

    Are You Ready to Date?
    What About Your Date’s Age?
    The Right Date for You
    Asking for a Date
    Accepting or Refusing a Date
    Dating—How Often? How Late?
    What to Do on a Date
    How Much Do Dates Cost?
    Cars, Dates, and Families
    How to Say "No"
    Falling In and Out of Love
    Expressing Affection
    Sexual Relations Before Marriage
    Going Steady
    Getting Married
    How To Be A Sweet Girlfriend- Even If You Are A Spit Fire

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