The Best New Year of Your Life

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    How to Forget the Troubles, Problems, and Failures of the Past and Make the New Year the Best Year of Your Life

    I am thankful to God for giving us time-markers. I believe that in His grace and mercy, He has done so to give us feeble and frail human beings the joy and privilege of starting over. I do not know about others, but I get excited about a New Year.

    Why do I get excited about the coming of a New Year? The coming of a New Year says to me that God is giving me a chance to turn over a new leaf. He is giving me a clean slate to begin another chapter of my life, fresh and new. I get excited about the coming of a New Year because it is almost as if on December 31st I close an old door and open up a new door. The New Year is an invitation to patch up old wounds, old hurts, and old disappointments, to forgive those who have done us wrong, and to be forgiven by those we have done wrong. I get excited about the coming of a New Year because it is a time to set new goals and to take on new challenges. It is also a time to draw closer to God and anticipate the great things He has in store for us and the new plans He has set for our lives.

    This short book will show you:

    • How to learn from your past troubles and problems and then forget them
    • How to recover from your past failures and sins and then forget them
    • How to get away from negative, toxic people
    • How to forgive others and how to seek forgiveness
    • How to set new goals for the future and accomplish them
    • How to prioritize your life
    • and How to make the New Year the best year of your life!

    Includes a Christian New Year’s Song Titled “Let All Past Troubles Be Forgotten”, to be Sung to the Tune of “Let Old Acquaintance be Forgot” (Auld Lang Syne)