The Birdman cycle

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    A family of three. Their names: Nick, Laura and Reese.
    They live in a new apartment.
    Reese has her own room. Nick and Laura have their own room too.
    Everything is grand.
    Can that be? (It can never be.)
    There are strange things happening in their new apartment.
    Creepy. BAD. Mind-racking.
    Nick believes it's Laura. Laura believes it's Nick.
    Only Reese knows the truth.

    Can she tell?

    About the author

    Thomas Rose-Masters holds a PhD in Literature and Cultural Studies. With no fixed abode, he travels and lectures around Europe, and the States. He is an experienced actor, singer and entertainer. He has many imaginary pets. It was suggested that he take up writing by the first of many psychologists he visited as a child, and it proved of no help whatsoever, but it keeps him and several other people amused (and alive). He is a film buff and a passionate appreciator of music.

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