The book "Assassin"

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    Before you "Assassin" unsurpassed master of postmodern fiction, the most mysterious, non-public and nonkoformistskogo writer of our time, countless award literary prizes, the winner of the award "Little Booker", "National Bestseller," "Big Book" and many others - Victor Pelevin.
    His books have been translated into all major world languages, they are loved by millions of fans, and the cult status of the writer is almost indestructible. His works are full of subtle irony and sarcasm, metaphors and intensive topical issues scathing comments and the whole of reality as a whole, inimitable style and own special, with nothing comparable to the syllable, coupled with an inimitable view of the world are doing the most striking Victor Pelevin writer of our time.

    The book is in Russian!