The book "Metro 2033. North"

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    "Metro 2033" Dmitry Glukhovski - the cult science fiction novel, the most discussed book of Russia in recent years. Circulation - half a million translations into dozens of languages, plus an ambitious computer game! This post-apocalyptic story inspired a galaxy of contemporary writers, and now they work together to create "the universe Metro 2033" series of books based on the famous novel. The heroes of these new stories will come at last out of the Moscow subway. Their adventures on the Earth's surface, almost destroyed by nuclear war, surpass all expectations. Now the struggle for the survival of humanity will be everywhere!

    "North" - an amazing book, unlike any other one in the series "The Universe of Metro 2033." In it there are no metro! As well as bunkers, bomb shelters, caves, and stalkers. But there are endless tundra, is broken by radiation spruce forests and abandoned ghost towns, made up of the panel boxes. And sparkling in the sun the snow crust, and the Northern Lights in all immeasurably deep there the sky. And, of course, exciting, thrilling from the first pages of history!

    The book is in Russian!

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