The Bronze Horseman. Pushkin

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    Was written in Boldino autumn 1833. The poem has not been resolved by Nicholas I to the press. Its beginning Pushkin published in the "Library for Reading", 1834, Vol. XII, entitled "St. Petersburg. Excerpt from the poem "(from the beginning and ending with the verse" disturb the eternal dream of Peter! "Crossed out with a pass by Nicholas I of four verses, beginning with the verse" And the younger before the capital "). First published after Pushkin's death in "Contemporary", v. 5, 1837 in censorship, as amended by the text of VA Zhukovsky. The poem tells of a poor, insignificant St. Petersburg resident, stupid, non-original, is no different from their brethren, who was in love with the Parasha, the daughter of a widow, living at the seaside. The flood washed away their 1824 house, a widow and died Paracha. Eugene has not brought about this misfortune and went mad. One night, walking past the monument to Peter I, Eugene, in his madness, he whispered a few words of evil, seeing it as the culprit of their sufferings. Eugene frustrated imagination imagined that copper rider was angry at him for it and chased him on his bronze horse. A few months after he died a madman.

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