The Captain's Daughter.

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    "The Captain's Daughter" - became a classic of Russian literature Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin novel, dedicated to the events of the Peasants' War 1773-1775 period, led by Pugachev. The story is on behalf of the officer Peter A. Grineva. Plot intersects with the story published in 1814, a novel by Sir Walter Scott "Waverley, or sixty years ago," dedicated to the Scottish national uprising against British rule in 1745. The artistic style of work should be attributed to the realism. At the heart of the novel are the memoirs of fifty nobleman Peter A. Grineva, written during the reign of Emperor Alexander and dedicated to the "Pugachev" in which seventeen-year officer Peter Green's "a strange concatenation of circumstances" has involuntary participation. Peter A. with irony recalls his childhood, childhood minor nobility. His father, Andrew P. Green in his youth "was the Count Munnich and retired Major-prime at 17 ... year. Since then, he lived in his village Simbirsk, where he married a girl Avdotya Vasilyevna Yu, the daughter of a poor nobleman of Gdańsk ". The family Grinev were nine children, but all brothers and sisters Petrusha "died in infancy." "My mother was still paunchy me - says Grinev - as I have already been recorded in the Semenov regiment sergeant." From the age of five for Petrusha groom looks Savelyevich "for sober behavior," granted by him in the guys. "Under his supervision in the twelfth year I learned to read and write Russian, and could very sensibly be judged on the properties of a greyhound dog." Then there was the teacher - a Frenchman Beaupre, who did not understand the "meaning of the word," as in his own country was a barber, but in Prussia - a soldier. Junior Grinev and quickly hit it off Frenchman Beaupre, and although Beaupre was obliged by contract to teach Petrusha "in French, German, and all the sciences," he soon opted to learn from his student "talk in Russian." Parenting Grineva ends exile Beaupre, convicted of debauchery, drunkenness and neglect of duty teacher. Up to sixteen Grinev lives "minor, chasing pigeons and playing leapfrog with a courtyard boys." On the seventeenth year of his father decides to send his son to the service, but not in St. Petersburg, and the army "to smell gunpowder," yes "to pull the strap." He sends it to Orenburg, teaching to serve faithfully "who take an oath," and remember the adage: "Take care to pay again, and the honor of his youth." All of the "shining hope" of young gay life in Grineva in St. Petersburg have collapsed, waiting in front of "boredom at the side of a remote and distant."

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