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    "The Love Flower BEE" is a fun, illustrated story of the classic game of picking flower petals to see if someone is in love with you! And there are many story lines and 14 different endings!
    The hyper Mr. Bee is eager to know the answer as the Love Flower petals are removed one at a time, while she says "She loves me" -- -- -- "She loves me not"
    Mr. BEE is *very* unhappy when the Love Flower does not remove her petals in order!

    The Love Flower Bee is a fun, interactive, hand sketched story.
    Does she love you? Or does she love you not? Pick the correct petals off of the flower and you will find out!
    But you have to choose the right colors or the Love Flower Bee will get upset. If you pick the wrong colors too often, he gets really mad! Even angry!
    The Love Flower Bee is a Wooli App. Wooli Apps tell a story and are interactive (like a game). They focus more on storytelling than gameplay, although sometimes they feel more like a game than other times.

    Similar to eBooks, Wooli Apps and this story are for reading alone or to a child. Your child can interact with the story, or the adult can select the story and surprise their child with the different story lines included. Be sure to explore the story, go back and try different things - or start all over and try to see if the story changes! We hope you enjoy reading/playing this story as much as we enjoyed making it! Please leave us your comments and feedback! Let us know if you would like different story options or new stories!

    "The Love Flower"
    The "Flower Bee"
    anrgy bee
    mad bee
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    "she loves you"
    "she loves you not"

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