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    This is a Light English version.

    You can find original project here:

    For people, who don't know what is it. This is a lot Fantastic stories about different anomaly creatures, things, places. Is all try research and safe The SCP Foundation. All stories is not real, but I strongly not recommend read or install this program for the faint of heart!.

    Attention! After installation, program unpacking cache. You need 130Mb free space on your sdcard!

    Application contain advertise module.

    About Light version:
    - light version contain only text without images (for safe space on your Android device);
    - Because here use less data, application work more faster;

    - Two themes: light and dark.
    - Current database date 2014/05/18.
    - Menu contains: "Start page", "Favorite", "Online Comments", "Open in web", "Change theme", "Search", "Next" and "Random" buttons.
    - More than 2000 pages for read.
    - Press "Open URL", and you will open current page on original The SCP Foundation site.

    I created group on Google+. I allow you join to the group. I hope ,ore easy get your suggestions and questions, and publish announces. Welcome:

    Facebook group:

    Also you can find
    Chinese full version:
    Korean full version:
    English full version:
    Russian full version:

    Russian light version:
    Korean light version:

    This application is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License:

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