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    This is a Light (without images) Russian version.

    You can find original project here: http://

    For people, who don't know what is it. This is a lot Fantastic stories about different anomaly creatures, things, places. Is all try research and safe The SCP Foundation. All stories is not real, but I strongly not recommend read or install this program for the faint of heart!.

    Attention! After installation, program unpacking cache. You need 60Mb free space on your sdcard!

    About Light version:
    - light version contain only text without images (for safe space on your Android device);
    - Because here use less data, application work more faster;

    - almost 2000 articles for read.
    - two themes: light and dark.
    - Menu contains: "Start page", "Settings", "Search" and "Next" buttons.
    - Press "Open URL", and you will open current page on original The SCP Foundation site.
    - You can allow or not send automatically animus information to me from program about some problems inside application.

    Also you can find
    Chinese full version:
    Korean full version:
    French full version:
    English full version:
    Russian full version:

    English light version:

    This application is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License:

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