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    *** The Senior Sourcebook ***

    Dear Reader,

    Did you know that in the USA alone, someone turns 50 every seven seconds. Yes, the baby-boomer generation is alive and kicking and the senior population reaching 65 and up will double from 35 Million to well over 70 Million in the next two decades!

    So what does that mean to you?

    It means plenty. In the words of our author, "Unlike any generation before them, they will live longer, look and feel younger, have more options and better support systems than any 'elderly' group of people since the dawn of civilization."

    This means that seniors will demand more and better information. Retirement for these healthy, vibrant people may be non-existent and play time and travel are a given.

    They do more, have more and want to keep it. They require access to sophisticated medical and dental care. They have more money and need state of the art advice to grow it. Above all else, they have more questions than answers.

    That's where "The Senior Sourcebook" comes in. This comprehensive guide covers everything from Medicare to Financial Planning. You won't believe what is jam-packed inside the pages. Just take a look:

    * Senior Guide to Computer Literacy
    * Medicare & Health Issues
    * The Basics
    * Medicare Part A
    * Medicare Part B
    * Non- Coverage In Medicare
    * Medicare Prescription Drug Benefits
    * Catastrophic Coverage
    * Limited Income Subsidies
    * Medicare Fraud
    * Making Your Home Senior Friendly
    * Remodeling Resources for Seniors
    * Household Helpers
    * Senior Living Choices
    * Retirement Communities
    * Alternatives to Total Care
    * Nursing Homes
    * Senior Finances
    * Retirement
    * Savings Resources
    * 10 Questions To Ask Your Financial Planner
    * Choose An Executor
    * Creating a Will
    * Living Trusts
    * Reverse Mortgages
    * Medical Debt For Seniors
    * Basics of Bankruptcy
    * Medical Cost Resources
    * Volunteering
    * Employment Resources
    * Grandparenting
    * and much, much more

    Whether you are fast approaching the senior category, are already there or have parents who can use your help there is something for everyone in "The Senior Sourcebook."

    You won't find a better source for all things senior anywhere! If you have parents who are ready for assisted living, find the answers here.

    Need to write or update your will? Get some guidance about creating it or consider a living trust. You'll find it all inside the digital pages.

    Are you trying to sort out the Medicare puzzle for your parents? Discover the details here in easy to understand language anyone can decipher.

    As we mentioned in the beginning of this message, someone here in the USA turns 50 every seven seconds. Be prepared. Get the answers to all those questions.

    More importantly, get the answers to all the questions you don't even know to ask.

    We truly hope you see the potential here, and realize how important this offer is!
    Please enojoy the preview and upgrade to full version with commercial free.

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