The White Guard. M. Bulgakov

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    Plot The novel is set in 1918 when the City goes Germans occupied the Ukraine, and his troops captured Petlyura. Heroes Turbines Alex (28 years), Helen (24 years) and Nikolka (17 years) are involved in the cycle of military and political events. City (which is easy to guess Kiev) occupied by the German army. The signing of the Brest peace, he does not fall under the power of the Bolsheviks and becomes a refuge for many Russian intellectuals and military officers, who are fleeing from the RSFSR. The city officers are fighting organizations under the auspices of hetman - an ally of the Germans, recent enemies. City comes to an army Petlyura. By the time the events of the novel lies Armistice and the Germans are preparing to leave town. In fact, by defending his Petlura only volunteers. Understanding the complexity of their situation, they comfort themselves with the rumors of the approach of the French troops, who supposedly landed in Odessa. Residents of the city - Alex (soldier, a military doctor) and Nikolka turbines are volunteer squads in the city's defenders, and Elena protects the house, which becomes a refuge for Russian army officers. Because the city to defend its own can not, administration and command of Hetman throw him in the lurch and go along with the Germans (hetman himself while disguised as a wounded German officer). Volunteers - Russian officers and cadets unsuccessfully defending the city without command against a superior enemy (the author has created a heroic image of the brilliant Colonel Nai-Tours). Part of the commanders, recognizing futility of resistance, spread his men to their homes, and other activities organized resistance and killed along with his subordinates. Petlura takes City, arranges a lush parade, but after several months of forced to surrender it to the Bolsheviks. The protagonist - Alex Turbin - faithful to duty, trying to join his side (not knowing that she was dismissed), engages in battle with Petliurists, is wounded and by chance finds love in the face of a woman who saves him from prosecution enemies. Social cataclysm reveals characters - some running, others prefer death in battle. People generally accept the new government (Petlyura) and after her arrival demonstrates hostility toward the officers.

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