Tomato Canning At Home

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    Tomato Canning At Home

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    Canning tomatoes is an important skill for a homemaker. You can preserve your own and enjoy fresh tomatoes anytime you like.

    This app has all the canning instructions for your step by step guide on tomato canning. The app is especially helpful to
    the new homemaker learning how to can tomatoes at home.

    Extras: Includes a fun puzzle game! Try and piece the picture back together. How fast can YOU finish it?!


    Tomatoes are the most popular home-canned product of all time. They preserve very well when canned that all their nutrients, flavor and freshness are retained naturally.

    Home canning tomatoes is a very simple process. It’s so easy that you can even let the kids help you out to make the activity more fun.

    This app will show you the complete tomato canning process. Plus, get additional details about preserving tomatoes such as:

    • Myths about canned tomatoes
    • Things that you would require to can tomatoes
    • Pressure canning
    • Some tips and tricks on canning

    Canning is a traditional method of preserving food. So by canning your own tomatoes, you’re locking in all the juiciness and ripeness of the fruit. When tomatoes go out of season, you can still use fresh tomatoes to make spaghetti sauce, lasagna or any of your favorite tomato-based dishes anytime with your stock-filled pantry of home-canned tomatoes.