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    *** Travel Like The "Rich and Famous. . ." Discover How A Pauper Travels Like A King! ***

    Dear Traveler,

    What a smorgasbord of travel information awaits you!

    All in one place, right in front of your eyes, instantly available, --- all the travel hot spots, ---the unknown secrets, ---the special deals and comprehensive travel savvy, --- knowledge that would take you years to learn on your own…in one location, on your hard drive, in this PDF document!

    Need to know the best day of the week to rent a car? It’s in here.

    Worry about what you need to say to the desk clerk at the hotel when you arrive, so the desk clerk doesn’t take advantage of you? It’s in here, (This one saves you tons of money and gets you the best room in the hotel!)

    Do you know the best time of day to make a plane reservation to save hundreds of dollars? It’s in here.

    How about a way to get a FREE airplane ticket nearly every time you travel? The answer is in this book.

    What if you could discover exactly how the airlines are vulnerable, so you can take advantage of them? It’s in this book.

    What if you could find 20 ways to outsmart the multi-billion dollar travel industry? Little ol’ you! It’s in these pages!

    We give you a 10-step program to get yourself BUMPED from a flight so you can have the airline ticket agent eating out of your hand and begging you to take another flight for FREE! Right away, in chapter #1.

    This isn’t rocket science. See the ABC’s of air travel and get all of the major airline contact phone numbers so you can have fast, instant access when you are ready to travel.

    Did you know there are 6 types of published airfares? In this book you learn about all of them and ways to take advantage of each.

    Chapter 2 proves to you that frequent flyer miles are like money in the bank. Too many sappy travelers waste their miles instead of using them to the max. We take you step-by-step into the wonderful world of maximizing these miles to the ultimate advantage…your advantage…not the airlines.

    We show you 3 ‘hidden’ ways to accumulate tremendous free miles that most people don’t even know exist!

    In this book you’ll find out how crafty the airline business can be, and how they depend on you not knowing the rules of the game. How they bank on you misusing, and even LOSING your frequent flyer miles, out of your own ignorance!

    We teach you about Courier Companies. They need you! They will pay all the expenses for your flight. You’ll learn that all you need to do is carry a piece of luggage for them.

    Can you do that?

    Can you fly to Singapore, enjoy the sights; sip some Malaysian tea, play in the area’s hot night spots, get ‘jazzed’ by the great energy available at this exotic destination, have a beautiful vacation---and drop off one piece of luggage at the airport when you arrive? I think so!

    Then, in chapter 4 , meet the Consolidators. These guys buy blocks of tickets and pass tremendous savings on to you. Once you find out about them you can say Ta! Ta! ---Goodbye---to the masses that buy airline tickets the old fashioned way!

    Hold it!

    All of the above is coming your way, and you’ve only read the first 37 pages of this book! Imagine, all the knowledge, the insider secrets, the ways to beat the billion-dollar travel industry, and we’ve only read the first four chapters of Travel Cheap- Travel Well!

    There are still 200+ pages and 10 chapters to go!

    We are serious! You can travel like the rich and famous, but with the mindset of a Pauper. More about this special, world-altering frame of mind later.

    Still talking about those fabulous Consolidators here:

    We show you consolidators that can send you around the world. Yes, it’s a dream you’ve always had, right? You fly around the globe and see what Planet Earth is like from everywhere to everywhere. Why not? If you’re a member of the Traveling Paupers, it may be more of a possibility than you’ve ever imagined.