Truth about Blood Donation

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    Truth about Blood Donation

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    Blood is life and it can’t be replaced or manufactured. Since the World War II, several soldiers started to donate blood and save the lives of their injured comrades. It’s for this event and for the use of hypodermic needle and simple process of transfusion; blood donation also became a popular of altruism. However, blood scarcity remains a problem and its demand is always high.

    The book “Donating Blood: Showing Affection or Coercion (ISBN: 9781613230237)” details it all. It is written by Michael S. Williams - a professional leasing entrepreneur who decided to make a difference after his college graduation. A loyal husband to his wife who also plays tennis during his free time, Michael attempts to provide answers to these questions: Why Blood Donation Should Be Paid for by the Government, Why Blood Donation Should Be Paid by Blood Centers, Why Blood Donors Should be Paid?

    “Donating Blood” is available direct at Ebook.GD Publishing

    A customer by the name of Austin L. Sterling purchases the book and this is what he said:

    “The book entitled ""Donating Blood: Showing Affection or Coercion"" is an eye-opener. It is well-written and I highly recommend it to all people who want to understand the effects of volunteer blood donation and paid-plasma donation to the young generation. The author does an awesome job in presenting the facts in an easy and in a constantly-informative approach. All his opinions are powerful and it's hard to deny its veracity. While reading, I was surprised how thousands of people need blood transfusion. The demand remains high and blood banks always need more supply. I also realize the government should immediately help these banks to get more qualified donors. And did I say my twenty-year-old son liked the book? Yes, you heard me right. He likes it and even donates a pint in Red Cross after reading it.”

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