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    I twisted the curl within my fingers, while smiling brightly as I chatted into my phone. I dropped the curl and leaned over slightly; sending him a nice view of my cleavage. I ran my finger across my collar bone and flicked all my hair to my back.
    Arching my soft bare neck out slightly more, showing him my soft creamy skin. I laughed lightly into the phone, not really paying attention to the conversation I was meant to be having, with Daniel. I was too busy putting my plan into action.
    My off the shoulder sleeve fell further down my arm. Pretending to be in deep conversation, I traced down my bra strap slowly. I let out a little sigh, as I pretended to think about something.
    I bit softly down on my bottom lip and now for the finale. Slowly I dragged my finger from my bra strap and played with the necklace chain that hung in between my cleavage, turning the pedant slowly in my fingers.
    Laughing softly and beaming my flawless smile, "Really Dan I can't stay tonight. Not after last night-"
    "Class is about to start Chloe, phone away."
    My long eyelashes flashed up at him, I kept control over my breathing; not letting my heart beat accelerate like it normal does. Titling my head to the side and looking up at him.
    "Sorry Dan, I have to go. I'll see you soon." I sang slowly into the phone.
    I closed my phone, having little intention to see Dan soon. "Sorry Mr Clark."
    Xavier looked furious as he stood at my desk, his fists were clenched and his eyes were narrow. I shrugged my shoulders innocently. "It won't happen again."
    He hated it when I called him Mr Clark, though he was my teacher; and he was the one who said he couldn't have a relationship with me. He was the one denying me.
    The bell chimed and other students began to file in. I was lucky enough to have already had first block in here, so I knew that I could just wait out the gap between modules. I had ignored him when he had entered and just pretended like he wasn't there.
    I had the aim to get under his skin and by the way his jaw was set, his fists clenched and his eyes fading back to their emerald shade. It had worked.
    "Chloe, you will not believe what I just heard!" Olivia spluttered as she took the seat next to me, which just happened to be at the front of the class.
    "That you stayed at Dan's last night!" she squealed.
    "Tell me something I don't know. And why did you expect me not to of heard that?" raising an eye brow at her; while being well aware of Xavier's glaring eyes.
    "So it's true!?"
    I laughed lightly, "Yes." I nodded my head to a few people as they walked past, sending a small hello my way.
    Olivia's mouth dropped open and she looked at me with awe. If only she knew the truth. I had only stayed at Dan's because my mother and father didn't feel like travelling back into town. My family was close friends with his; in all honesty the night was a complete bore and Dan has spent most of it online with his mates playing call of duty.
    "Well where did you sleep?" she pied.
    I shrugged my shoulders "In his bed of course, where else?"
    At this point, I could push her over with a feather. She was that shocked. I had slept in his bed, while he stayed on the couch playing the xbox.
    Olivia shook her head, "You are telling me, you stayed at Dan's, in Dan's bed! Why! Am I only hearing this now?!"
    "I haven't seen you today."
    "Oi Chloe!"
    Turning my head so that I could face Scott behind me; Dan's best mate. Dan hadn't come to school today, I think the whole not sleeping all night thing was the reason.
    I arched an eye brow as Scott lent over his desk to speak to me.
    "Heard about you and Dan." Scott wiggled his eye brows "So what do you think of his bed?" he said, with a double meaning and I knew it; but the large cheeky grin on his baby face, gave it away easily.
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