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    Twitter in an Eggshell: Your Quick Start and Stay Productive Guide for Success in the Twitterverse by Faydra D. Fields

    Synopsis of the eBook: This Twitter “quick start and stay productive guide” will be beneficial for new and old tweeters alike.

    Some of the topics I’ll cover are as follows: some things to consider when selecting a Twitter handle (username), an avatar, a background and profile colors; how to follow Twitter conversations (in reply to); following and unfollowing Twitter accounts and how to break through the 2,001 follower ceiling; hashtag use, abuse and misuse; how to keep from getting blocked and reported as spam; the importance of reading Twitter bios (read before you follow and/or ask questions/offer services); some things to consider when replying to tweets; how to be aware of the overshare; fairer sharing practices when it comes to letting others know about your products and services; some things to consider when participating in Follow Friday; some things to consider when your Twitter handle is tweeted along with several other Twitter handles; how to translate tweets in other languages; some things to consider when retweeting (retweeting from Twitter web vs. retweeting from third-party tools)