Ultimate Survival Africa




    This encyclopedic, no-bull survival guide is essential reading for anyone venturing into the wild places of Africa.
    Over 1,000 full-color photographs and images and 12,000 hyperlinks for fast and easy cross-reference.
    A useful and detailed bush emergency section shows how to deal with anything from childbirth to repairing tooth fillings and treating gunshot wounds.
    Clear, practical and lively text with hundreds of full color photographs makes this innovative and entertaining application is an invaluable addition to any outdoor enthusiast's library. This guide is the one to have when preparing for a safari to Africa – there is no other like it.
    THE PSYCHOLOGY OF SURVIVAL:Essentials for Survival•What it Takes to Survive•Survival stressors•Injury, Illness or Death•Uncertainty•Environment•Hunger and Thirst•Fatigue•Isolation•Natural Reactions•Fear•Anxiety•Anger and Frustration•Depression•Loneliness and Boredom•Guilt•Preparation•Know yourself•Anticipate fears•Be Realistic•Attitude• Remember the Stakes•Training•Stress Management•Unknown Factors•
    WATER AND FOOD: Finding Water•Animal Indicators of Water•Dew and Rain•Solar Stills•Distillation•Condensation•Water from Plants•Water from Animals•Filtering and Purifying Water•Retaining Water Hunting•Camouflage•Shape and Outline•Color and Texture•Shine•Shadow•Movement•Noise•Scent•Stalking•Upright Stalking•Crawling•Prone Staking•Route Selection•Tracking•How to Track•Wound interpretation•Interpreting blood spoor Trapping•Requirements•What to look for•A Simple Snare•Snares•Bird Traps•Fish Traps•Mammals•Small Mammals•Medium-sized Mammals•Large Mammals•Very Large Mammals •Other Animals•Snakes•Turtles and Tortoises•Amphibians•Birds•Fish•Bats•Insects•Bees•Grasshoppers•Termites•Mopane Worms•Snails•Trees and Plants The Edibility Tests•Common Edible Trees and Plants •
    GEAR: Clothing•Socks•Footwear•Knife•Sleeping Bag•Backpack•Lighting•GPS Basic Survival Kit
    WEAPONS: Edged Weapons•Bow and Arrow•The Bow•Arrows•Arrow Heads•Technique•Spears•Technique•Making a knife•Stone•Horn•Bone•Wood•Metal•Other Materials•Spear Blades•Other Weapons•Throwing stick•Slingshot•Catapult•Knobkierrie •
    CAMP CRAFT: Lashing and Cordage•Knots and Hitches•Nets and hammocks•Shelter•Making Fire•Making Soap•Working with Meat •
    NAVIGATION: Navigation with Nature•Mapping Basics•Magnetic and True North•Using a Compass•Orientating Maps•Global Positioning Systems•Improvising a Compass •
    COMMUNICATION: Signaling•Visual Signals•Fire Smoke•Mirrors/Shiny Objects•Clothing•Natural Material•Audio Signals•Radio Equipment•Whistles•Gunshots•Codes and Signals•SOS•Ground to Air Emergency Body Signals•Aircraft Acknowledgements•Radio Call Format
    MEDICAL COMPETENCE: First Aid•Safari Medical Aid Kits•ABCD of Basic Life Support•CPR•Drips•Tourniquet•Injections•Making a Rehydration Drink•Checking the Pulse•Heimlich Maneuver•
    80 Treatmment-specifiec bush emergencies
    DANGEROUS ANIMALS: Snakes: Snake Bite•Snake Venom Types•Cytotoxic•Neurotoxic•Haemotoxic Combination•Allergic reaction to Snake Bite•Management•Prevention•First Aid•Venom in the Eyes•General first aid principles•Medical Management•Poisonous Snakes•Black Mamba•Black Spitting Cobra•Boomslang•Cape Cobra•Night Adder•Forest Cobra•Gaboon Adder•Green Mamba•Mozambique Spitting Cobra•Puff Adder•Rinkhals•Snouted Cobra•Snouted Night Adder•Twig Snake•Western Barred Spitting Cobra
    Spiders: Sack Spiders•Button Spiders•Six-eyed Sand Spiders•Violin Spiders
    Scorpions: How to prevent being stung•Scorpion Families•Scorpionidae sp.•Uroplectes•Buthidae•Butotus Parabuthus•Symptoms•Treatment
    Other Animals: Tics•Bees and Wasps•Centipedes•Hairy Caterpillars•Blister Beetles•Bombardier Beetles
    Dangerous Animals up Close: Snakes•Spiders•Scorpions•Other Animals•Dangerous Animals up Close•Emergency Numbers
    BUSH VEHICLE REPAIRS: Inspections•Support Items•Useful Vehicle Parts•Vehicle Nostart Chart•Repairing Radiator Damage•Overheating•Clutch Failure•Flat Battery•Welding in the Bush•Drowned Engine Recovery•Emergency Road Kit •

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