Understanding Your Dreams

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    Understanding Your Dreams

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    *** How To Interpret Your Dreams ***

    Dear Reader,

    Suddenly you sit straight up in bed trying to catch your breath while the deafening sound of deep, resonating bells echo through your head. Gradually you realize it's merely your alarm clock jarring you awake.

    What just happened? Just as quickly as you remember running as fast as you can, gasping for breath while trying to flee from something or someone, the memory starts to fade. A dream? A nightmare? Who knows. Does it have any meaning?

    Does This Sound Like You?

    Are you tired of waking up morning after morning trying to recall the dream that captivated you the night before?

    Do you avoid frequently avoid going to sleep because you are fearful of what you may dream about?

    Are you trying to deal with nightmares your child may be experiencing?

    Do you wish for an effective and inexpensive solution to these and other pressing questions about your dreams?

    So What's the "Solution?"

    "Understanding Your Dreams" is a practical guide to understanding different dreams and what to learn from them. Our author says that there is much debate among researchers about dreams.

    It can't be emphasized enough that this book does not present any type of cure or "magic bullet." Our author could not find any one resource that gave her the answers she sought. She started with many questions and the more she studied the more questions she found.

    The goal here is learning from her research and applying what you learn in your own life or the life of family and friends. For example, discovering how to retain more information from your dreams can help you in your own journey for answers.

    plus . . .
    * You donÆt need any special training. ItÆs very easy to read.
    * You can start applying the tools as soon as youÆve read the guide.
    * Cost is minimal û you'll be surprised how inexpensive it is!

    It has everything you need to have a positive impact:

    * Learn about sleep
    * How to avoid the negative effects of dreams
    * Understand lucid dreaming
    * Are dreams accurate forecasts?
    * And much more!

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