Using The Glycemic Index

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    Using The Glycemic Index

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    What is glycemic index and how can you use it to make smarter food choices for you and your family?

    This app will give you all the basic health information about the glycemic index and how you can utilize it to effectively manage diabetes, heart disease and weight loss. There's a glycemic index food chart with a listing of low glycemic index foods and high glycemic index foods to help you plan healthier meals.

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    What is the glycemic index? How can it help in managing weight loss, diabetes and heart disease?

    The glycemic index, or the GI as it is commonly known, is a health tool that’s used to measure the effects of carbohydrates in blood sugar levels. It is a table that consists of a list of different foods and their equivalent rating as to how fast and how slow they can raise blood sugar levels. The rating scale is from 0 to 100 with high glycemic foods rating high numbers. So, glucose, for instance, which is the fastest carbohydrate, has the highest rating of 100. What this health tool indicates then is that foods with a high glycemic index will increase the blood sugar levels rapidly and foods with a low glycemic index will raise blood sugar levels slowly.

    It is a very helpful tool especially for people who are managing diabetes and heart disease. It is used as a guide to help measure carb count and calorie count in order to formulate a diet plan which will correspond to the person’s physical activity, diet restrictions and overall lifestyle.

    This is critical for people with heart disease because measuring carb count and calorie count is essential for fat metabolism and weight control. This is also critical for people with diabetes because measuring carb count in the diet will help monitor and maintain blood sugar levels more effectively.

    Get this glycemic index app now and get information that will explain how the glycemic index tool can be used correctly.

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