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    As a vegetarian, you must adjust to an entirely new vegetarian food pyramid. Years of eating patterns must be re-programmed.

    The golden rule of vegetarianism is that you need protein to feel full. If you’re still hungry after a meal, then you probably didn’t eat enough protein. Many new vegetarians gain weight because they find themselves not getting full after a meal. In turn, they eat more and start snacking.

    Vegetarian meat substitutes

    As a new vegetarian, you must make an active effort to replace meat, not just remove it, from your diet. If you are unsure how to replace meat in your diet, go to the store and buy a few different meat substitutes to try at home. Meat substitutes can typically be found in the frozen food, produce, or canned food sections.

    Vegetarian protein shakes, bars and powders

    To replace meat, consider adding your favorite protein shake, bar, or powder to your daily routine. While meat substitutes are easy to add to your routine, they do not typically contain enough protein to satisfy your total daily requirement. To supplement the fake meat in your diet, you will need to diversify.

    Many protein supplements are best consumed for breakfast. With most people skipping breakfast anyway, a quick protein drink or bar is an easy way to get your morning boost and your protein.

    Don’t forget to vary your proteins. Most meat substitutes are made of soy. Try to therefore consume a protein product that includes whey as well. Many new vegetarians add “egg white powder” to protein smoothies they make. Remember, all the protein is in the yolk!

    Always be prepared!

    As a new vegetarian, you may find yourself over at a friend’s house at meal time with nothing to eat. You don’t want your host to have to make you something special, so be prepared. Carry a jar of almonds, cashews, or peanuts in the car. They are high in protein, won’t melt (like many protein bars), and don’t have expiration dates. Having an alternative snack with you at all times will help you reduce temptations to have meat and fast food and will make eating away from home less stressful.

    Here are some of the recipes that you will find inside the "Vegetarian Recipes" e-book:

    Artichoke Soup
    Asparagus Soup
    Brown Soup
    Carrot Soup
    Celery Soup
    Haricot Bean Soup
    Lentil Tea
    Oatmeal Soup
    Brighton Stew
    Carrot Stew
    Stewed Cucumber
    Braized Cucumber with Tomato Sauce
    Stewed Mushrooms
    Baked Potato Stew
    Spanish Onion Stew
    Savoury Almond Fritters
    Brazil Rissoles
    Egg and Tomato Fritters
    Golden Marbles
    Haricot Bean Croquettes
    Mushroom Croquettes
    Asparagus and Egg on Toast
    Rolled Batter Stuffed with Forcemeat
    Boiled Savoury Batter
    Savoury Eggs on Toast
    Lentil Cakes
    Savoury Pancakes
    Baked Potatoes with Sage and Onion
    Vegetable Marrow Rings with Tomato Batter
    Bread Soufflé
    Cauliflower Soufflé
    Fresh Green Pea Soufflé
    Curried Beetroot and Cucumber
    Curried Eggs
    Artichokes with Sauce Royale
    Fried Beetroot

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