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    Victorian Ghost Stories

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    This collection contains five short novels and one bonus collection Weird Stories by Charlotte Riddell, ranging in time from 1846 to 1897. They have been selected for their quality: they also show trends in Victorian fiction. None are currently available elsewhere or have been republished since their first release.

    The Uninhabited House - Charlotte Riddell: A great example of Victoriana with all it's gothic gloom and the unspoken horror of a tragically haunted house.

    Charlotte Riddell was known as the 'chronicler of business' and "must surely be the first (of very few) to have an accountant as a hero." In this novel she is true to form in that business dealings are central to the haunting. Oh, and there's a romance and inheritance as well, all in the best Victorian tradition.

    She was the author of many ghost stories, six of which were published as Weird Stories in 1882. As bonus these are included in this App ENJOY........

    The Amber Witch: is a Gothic novel written in 1839 by Johannes Wilhelm Meinhold and originally published in German.It is a bit of an adventure to figure out if it's really happening or just superstitious interpretations of natural phenomena.

    MONSIEUR MAURICE - Amelia B. Edwards: An affecting novelette by one of the Victorian world's most remarkable women.In late age, the girl (now woman) looks back and recalls a singular period of her life. When a mysterious prisoner arrives at her father's post, young Gretchen's life is changed forever. What shadowy figure protects the mysterious prisoner from harm? Little Gretchen believes she knows and the thought of it opens her mind to the belief that love and loyalty can live beyond the grave.

    Phantom Lover: Vernon Lee: A Phantom Lover is a supernatural novella by Vernon Lee (pseudonym of Violet Paget) first published in 1886. Set in a Kentish manor house, the story concerns a portrait painter commissioned by a squire, William Oke, to produce portraits of him and his wife, the eccentric Mrs. Alice Oke, who bears a striking resemblance to a woman in a mysterious, seventeenth century painting.

    Does a lady love a phantom, or does a phantom love a lady? Or both? Or neither? Yes, it's one of those "what exactly is going on here" - only you can make your own mind up.

    The Ghost of Guir House by Charles Willing Beale: It is pretty much a mystery throughout as a man seemingly on a whim answers a letter not addressed to him asking for assistance and to come to live at Guir House. There is a good amount of suspense as you try to determine what the assistance wanted is. It is an older ghost story that does not follow along classic lines such as having a normal haunting involved. In fact it has more in common with some newer ghost stories and movies in how it resolves. One of those tales where you haven't a clue as to what the outcome will be or could be...

    *Bonus Weird Stories - Charlotte Riddell: The Times reviewer declared: Weird Stories are sensational enough in all conscience, seeing that the main action is directed by supernatural agencies, and that disagreeably obtrusive ghosts haunt the scenes of their earthly troubles. But these mysteries are adroitly realized, and the stories are so probable as to be pleasantly thrilling; nervous people, indeed, might prefer to read the book on a railway journey by daylight rather than in a lonely apartment towards the small hours.

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