Vii. Nikolai Gogol

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    For the first time posted to the book entitled "Mirgorod" (1835). The name of the story - is the name of the Slavic demonic beings is associated with the plot. Wii - Character Ukrainian demonology - the terrible old man with the eyebrows and eyelids to the ground. With huge eyes with heavy lids, the Wii is killing my eyes. Wii can not see anything in itself, but if we can raise him several strongman eyebrows and eyelids with iron forks, then nothing can hide in front of his eyes terrible: his eyes Wii kills people, destroys and turns to ashes the towns and villages. In ethnography expresses the assumption that it is associated with the image of the Wii's belief about the evil eye - that look bad from all perish or spoil. In one of the stories mention of the fact that the Immortal Koscheyu raise a family forever and pitchforks. There are two hypotheses on the origin of the name Wii: first - the Ukrainian word "vії" (Ukrainian) (pronounced - "viyi"), which translated to the modern Ukrainian language means "eyelashes." And the second - with the word "curl", since the Wii's image resembles a plant: the roots of his legs ovity and all is covered with dried pieces of land. Afanasyev sees the reflection of the Wii ancient and powerful god of the Slavs, was thunder-god. Known stories about the Wii treatment Nikolai Gogol. According to research Dmitry Moldova, the Wii name has arisen as a result of Gogol's name phonetic blending of mythological ruler of the underworld Nia and Ukrainian words: "vіya" - eyelash and "povіka" - eyelid. Also in the works of the Wii does not kill the eye, but rather removes all of the wards of evil spirits at the sight of him. He is like a conductor, and not the killer (it can be understood from the works of Nikolai Gogol "Wii").

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