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    Meet Eve. She is in your phone, and you can ask her anything, really, anything at all.

    Its a bit like Siri and Iris. You can ask her questions on any topic, either by talking to it or type it out, and she will answer you in a clear voice.

    Examples of topics and specific questions:

    ‘When was the invasion of Normandy?’

    Flights & Airlines
    ‘What is the flight time between Los Angeles and Tokyo?’

    Health and Nutrition
    ‘What is normal weight for someone 5 feet 6 inches tall?’

    Time zones
    ‘What is the current time in London?’

    Celebrity basic facts
    ‘What is the birth place of Obama?’

    Ages and dates of birth and death
    ‘How old is Lady Gaga?’

    ‘Which countries border Germany?’

    ‘What is the address of Microsoft?’

    Unit Calculations
    ‘How many euro is 400 dollars?’

    ‘What is the square root of 501?’

    ‘What is KLM?’

    ‘What are the names of the James Bond movies?’

    National holidays
    ‘How many days until Christmas?’

    ‘What is the largest mammal?’

    Diseases and Drugs
    ‘What is the life expectancy in the US?’

    ‘How much does a financial analyst earn in New York?’

    The answers are spoken out, and relevant images are given. Further information will be presented in links under the answer.

    But you can also just decide to have a general chat with Eve.. Test her witty personality or just ask her to tell a joke or two.

    NOTE: We are finalizing an update that will include messaging and emailing. We will further enhance the available functions. Thank you for your feedback.

    Good luck, and have fun!

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