Looking for something to celebrate? How about "Increase Your Psychic Powers Day"? The WackyDays app & widget shows unusual, bizarre and funny "holidays", plus tips & lots more.

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    Great for educators and a good conversation starter. Focuses on US "holidays", but amusing for people worldwide.

    Checking WackyDays every morning is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

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    About the "holidays": with the exception of the handful that we had to make up due to copyrights, etc. these are holidays people have created over the years. If there's no asterisk or "unofficial" tag, the "holidays" are out there and are celebrated by people. We encourage you to google them to check. Twitter usually has people tweeting about them, too.

    Also, Wacky Days doesn't list standard holidays like Labor Day, etc. Instead, it concentrates on funny or strange "holidays" since there are plenty of other apps out there focusing on the official holidays.

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