Warrior Leader Course

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    The Army Warrior Leader Course is a school all Army NCOs must attend. Get a leg up on WLC with this handy pocket reference. This app is good for all junior enlisted preparing to be leaders and NCOs who are preparing Soldiers to attend WLC.

    Information in this app is taken directly from the Sergeant Majors Academy standards for WLC. They are 100% up to date and accurate as of JAN 2014.

    *Hundreds of flashcards with the latest leadership material from ADP and ADRP manuals
    *27 study questions and answers for 3 written exams
    *Garrison Leadership
    *Tactical Leadership
    *Physical Readiness Training
    *Individual Task Training
    *Oral History Report
    *Communicate in Writing
    *Squad Drill Commands

    This app covers both the course material to learn and tips for success on each evaluation.

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