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    The best Chinese dictionary in Google Play! Also features flashcards for effective Chinese language learning with Spaced Repetition system FOR FREE!

    Chinese dictionary features:

    English-Chinese, French-Chinese and German-Chinese dictionary
    play pronunciation
    simplified & traditional Chinese
    searches as you type
    use English / French / German (automatic conversion of special characters, e.g. searching "chateau" will find "château"), pinyin (with or without tones, no need for spaces), zhuyin or Chinese characters to find the translation
    Chinese characters colored accordingly to the tones
    full support of zhuyin (注音)
    speech recognition (for both English / French / German and Chinese)
    external memory cards supported
    copy any part of the Chinese dictionary entry to the clipboard
    import any word to your Chinese flashcards
    highlighting of the searched string in returned entries
    automatic detection of the translation (Chinese English / French / German or English / French / German Chinese)
    supports both landscape and portrait modes
    suitable for both mainland China and Taiwan

    Chinese flashcards features:

    smart Spaced Repetition algorithm for supporting your long-term memorization
    practise writing, reading or nouns' measure words
    wordlists for Chinese tests and many Chinese textbooks' vocabulary lists are prepared:
    HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, 汉语水平考试, 漢語水平考試)
    TOCFL (Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language)
    Practical Audio Visual Chinese 2nd Edition
    Integrated Chinese, Expanded 2nd Edition
    New Practical Chinese Reader, Vol 1
    Practical Chinese Reader
    Beginner's Chinese
    Intermediate Chinese
    Pimsleur Mandarin
    Schaums' Outlines Chinese Vocabulary
    Colloquial Chinese
    Chinese flashcards can be saved to different categories
    if you make a mistake the word will be offered to you more often
    if you add a new word from dictionary to your Chinese flashcards it will also be offered more often
    supports both traditional and simplified Chinese (if you make a mistake when practising traditional Chinese, it will not affect the simplified Chinese equivalent so you can practise both)
    add any word from the Chinese dictionary to your Chinese flashcards
    add your own custom Chinese flashcards
    convenient editing of categories and Chinese flashcards
    export all Chinese flashcards to a file
    import Chinese flashcards from a file (ZDT format or Wheebee Chinese format in UTF-8 encoding)

    Other features:

    the app is also available in Czech and part of the app was translated to Chinese
    a detailed "Frequently asked questions" section is available inside the app
    two themes available (dark and light)

    Advantages over other apps:

    Spaced Repetition system for free
    not only English Chinese, but also French Chinese and German Chinese dictionary
    gives relevant results
    built-in premade Chinese tests and textbooks' wordlists for practising -> no need to download them
    flashcards categorization

    Permissions explanation:
    Network communication: When using the Chinese dictionary for the first time, the app needs to download a database from the Internet.
    Storage: The app needs the access to the storage for exporting and importing Chinese flashcards.

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