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    WhoJew? Famous Jewish People is an app that lets you search famous Jewish or partially Jewish personalities and celebrities in the United States. Search by first name, last name, or full name. Browse the alphabetized list to find famous athletes, writers, actors, singers, comedians, and other personalities that happen to be Jewish as well. If you find the celebrity you're looking for, click on the name and you'll be taken to the individual's Wikipedia or IMDB page to find out more about them.

    Check out the top searches of non-Jews to see what celebrities are being searched for in this database.

    The WhoKnew? link will take you to a list of celebrities you may not have known were Jewish.

    NOTE: Our definition of "Jewish" is very liberal which includes any Jewish blood, ON EITHER SIDE, going back two generations. Obiously, according to Jewish law this is not the correct definition of Jewish. WhoJew? was created for fun/entertainment and as a source of Jewish pride, not for promoting hate or anti-Semitism, the creator of WhoJew? is Jewish.

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