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    Witchcraft Spells, this app includes Witchcraft / Wicca / Paganism. This is the only witchcraft spells book you will ever need.

    UPDATED 9/17/2012, 6 new spell categories and dozens of new spells.


    Included witchcraft spell categories and witchcraft spells:

    ***Rituals and Prayers***
    Casting a Circle
    Charging an Item
    Consecrate an Object
    Prayer to the Goddess
    Giving Thanks to the Goddess

    ***Psychic and Spiritual***
    Increase Psychic Visions
    Increase Spiritual Awareness
    Tarot Spell to Increase Psychic Visions
    Psychic Herb Jar
    Spell To Remember A Past Life
    Third Eye Ritual

    Pre-Ritual Cleansing Bath
    Cleansing Negativity from your Home
    Cleansing Your Aura

    ***Dream Magick***
    Dream Magick (send a message)
    Spell for Prophetic Dreams
    Dream of Deceased Loved One
    Spell to Stop Nightmares
    Peaceful Sleep Spell
    Prophetic Dreams Spell
    Spell to Aid Sleep
    Candle Sleep Spell

    ***The Gods***
    The Charge of the God

    ***The Goddesses***
    The Charge of the Goddess
    The Charge of the Crone
    Invocation of the Dark Goddess

    Spell to Find a New Friend
    Friendship Candle Spell - Make New Friends
    Spell to Help a Friend
    Helping a Friend Make a Decision
    Spell to Make Friends Fast
    Mending a Friendship

    Binding Spells for General Use
    Quick Binding Spells
    Spell to Bind a Person
    To Bind a Spell
    Binding a Person From Doing Harm
    Spell to Bind off Harm

    ***Emotional Well-Being***
    Happiness Spell
    Anti-Anxiety Spell/Chant
    Anxiety Tea
    Vanilla Anti-Anxiety Spell
    Spell to Get Rid of Negative Energy
    Banishing Grief Spell

    Easy Love Spell
    Lucky in Love Spell
    Desire Oil
    Romance Magnet
    To Capture His Heart
    To Be Showered By Gifts
    Jar Love Spell
    Binding Love Spell
    Lavender Candle Love Spell
    Wishing 4 Love Spell
    Good Luck Love Charm
    To Draw Romantic Attention
    Valentine's Day Card Spell
    Good Deed Love Spell
    The Witch Bottle Love Spell
    Candle Spell For Passion

    Blessing of the Book of Shadows
    Bless You
    Native American Prayer
    New Project Blessing
    Computer Blessing
    Pet Blessing
    White Candle Spell for Blessing
    Helping Mother Earth
    Blessing for the Body

    Good Luck Herb Jar
    Luck Spell
    Good Luck Spell

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