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    Imagine the ideal neighborhood in suburbia America. A simple place of hardworking people, where the neighbors know one another on a first name basis and their children play together as they have for years.

    Life is peaceful here.

    Life is good.

    Until the children start mysteriously disappearing one by one in broad daylight. Suspicions grow as to whose doing it, and paranoia runs rampant from one neighbor to another, until one resident of Woodville Heights pays the ultimate price, while another must deal with the consequences of his own guilt.

    Woodview Heights-Legacy Of Decadence
    Matthew Lett
    Genre: Horror
    Word Count: 7,600
    Length: Short Story

    Review from Amazon site:
    An unsettling view of small-town life...
    Woodview Heights is an unsettling story about what happens in a small, ordinary town when first pets, and then children, start vanishing. There's a nice sense of menace and forboding that builds up through out the tale, although the climax is somewhat predictable. There's a nice little downbeat coda that means it ends on a reflective note, rather than the full on horror of what has gone before.

    A good story that has a point as well as a good plot - recommended.

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