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    Containing over 10,000 bird species, World Birds is the most comprehensive birding app in the Android Marketplace.

    Want to see all the birds of your country or US state?

    Want to search for all the different night-hawks in the world? Just the night-hawks in the UK?

    Want to learn what a Gyrfalcon is called in French? Or Japanese? Or Russian?

    Want to maintain a life list of bird sightings?

    World Birds can do it all!

    World Birds features:
    - Browse By Region
    - Search By Name
    - Browse By Phylogenetic Tree
    - My List
    - Extensive information on over 10,000 bird species

    Browse By Region allows you to see all the orders, families, and species of birds located in 225 countries and all 50 US states, plus most territories. You can also see the vernacular name of a given bird in the languages of that region. Great for bird identification and multi-lingual birding vacations!

    With Search By Name you can search for a bird's English (common) name or its Latin name. You can also limit your search to a specific country or state.

    Browse By Phylogenetic Tree is a way to see bird orders, families and species in their evolutionary context, according to the latest genetic studies.

    My List is a place for you to record your bird sightings. You record the date, location, and any pertinent notes about your sighting and it's saved to My List. You can also export My List as an email for backup or for incorporating into another life list.

    Data about bird species is from Wikipedia, meaning it is, on the whole, the most accurate and up-to-date information describing the world's birds.

    Note on taxonomies: Browse By Region uses a modified version of the Clements Checklist for species, family, and order relationships as it is the most intuitive. Browse By Phylogenetic Tree is adapted from genetic studies as outlined in Shannon J. Hackett's article in Science 320, 1763 (2008).

    Note on data connection: This application currently requires a data connection to view information about individual bird species.

    Demo Version: There is also a limited version called World Birds Demo available for free in the Android Marketplace. Use it to evaluate World Birds before purchasing this full version.

    Discover the world of birding and the birds of the world!

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