Xcode Academy

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    Interested in programming iOS apps? Then you will need Xcode. Xcode is the program used to develop iPhone and iPad apps. This App was developed with the absolute beginner in mind. Whether you are looking to move your apps from other platforms over to iPhone, or if you are a brand new programmer, this app will show you the basics of Xcode and how to perform several common tasks. This is the beginning of a series of apps to teach the beginning programmer how to work with Xcode and Objective C. Our motivation came from buying expensive books and outdated apps. Our app is verified for iOS 6 use. Stick with us and you won't be caught flat footed.

    Programming apps is difficult to begin, there is a critical point of time when new programmers either break through and fly on their own or they quit. You can browse your local book store and spend $40 - $60 on a book that may be out of date or contain a lot of non essential information, or you can spend $1.99 to get the tutorials listed below that provide functions that almost all App programmers will need to know.

    Note: You will need an Apple computer (iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook) to download Xcode (free) and start programming; this App is a guide to programming with Xcode.

    This is Xcode Academy 101, content includes:

    Xcode Interface
    A Dictionary with 27 common Xcode terms
    Creating your first app
    adding Buttons, images and backgrounds
    Table views
    Tab bar controllers
    Intro to Objective C
    Creating a Webview
    creating a Scrollview iOS 6.0
    Pinch and Pan
    Playing sound files
    Text Fields and the assistant editor
    Swiping Gestures