Agricom - An interactive mobile communication platform where Agricultural sector practitioners and stakeholders market and sell their products & services, network, manage their resources, sector events and have access to latest news and weather forecasts.

    Problems Identified:

    There is no robust mobile adverting platforms for the agricultural sector to use in the country
    Farmers have no mobile shops to sell their produce on this highly concentrated cellphone market.
    There is no specific network platform on mobile where public sector, farmers, sector suppliers and consumers can network and share ideas
    As almost all farmers have mobile devices and more r now buying smartphones, there are no applications that they can use to keep records and manage their resources and produce.
    There is a lot of Agricultural news and events of which some are dessiminated through print media, radio, internet n TV. Many farmers miss this news before of lack of cellphone platforms to broadcast news on audio and text. Including weather forecasts.
    There is no database accessible by mobile device to see a list of farmers and agricultural products and services suppliers.

    Any suggestion are welcome to enhance the app and make it more beneficial for farmers.

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